VBScript versus Powershell By Jonas LaForge

There has been a lot of talk over the years of the comparison of VBScript versus Powershell. I am not sure that they can truly be compared. VBSCript has been around a lot longer but powershell is the new way of the future of scripting. Well I will tell you now that there is pretty much nothing that either language can automate or make easier. Powershell uses less lines of code to accomplish a task versus VBScript that would use hundreds of lines to accomplish the same thing. That being said VBScript is easier to understand aand no special environment setup is required to run versus powershell that needs to have security, cmdlets, etc. setup ahead of time.


Jonas LaForge will show multiple scripts in both VBSCript and Powershell for some quick comparisons and you can make the choice. Don’t let people tell you that VBScript is dead because it is alive and well. Powershell is the new way of the future but it still has its shortfalls that we will discuss.

5 thoughts on “VBScript versus Powershell By Jonas LaForge”

  1. I totally prefer VBScript over powershell for 90% of my scripts. powershell I use when the task is just beyond VBScript which is not to often. Looking forward to more debate Jonas Laforge!


  2. VBScript will probably never die. Looking at these kind of solutions easily connect VBS to .NET world and then sky seems to be the limit.
    VBScript and VBA is so much easier to learn compared to languages with all those $ ; – ( ) around scaring the less experienced people to learn.in small steps.
    PowerShell seems to try to glue all together in a very powerfull way. Hardest part is finding your commands. Took me a while to find dir and ls to be an alias for get-childitem cmdlet


  3. I agree with the last commenter…vbscript is here for a long while at least and may never die…lol


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