VB6 is Still a Powerful Tool by Jonas LaForge

VB6 Is Still a Powerful Tool
VB6 Is Still a Powerful Tool

Hi everyone…I want to touch base about something that ha been the topic of many heated debates…Visual Basic 6!!! Yes VB6 as  most of us know it as is s  till around and still kicking hard. Both the DIE and runtime is still alive and kicking on Windows 10 and Server 2012 (yikes). Microsoft really only supports the core runtime in modern operating systems like Windows 10 but the DIE works decent enough that you can use it to still quickly create applications (especially one-time use applications). In the business there is always the need for quick or temporary tools and scripts that perform a certain function (managing files, running a program, lookup users, etc.) all which can be done easily and quickly using VB6. VB^ requires not special hardware or software to run unlike some of the latest versions your PC should be quite powerful for the best experience.

Visual Basic 6 should be looked at for a good GUI version of VBScript just with more control of the experience. I believe VB6 has found a niche market and that is in creating easy, quick one-time use tools and programs to help the business with their core functions. Tools that manipulate data when transitioning from platform to another are throw-away tools once the project is over so why spend the time and talent of your Senior .NET programmers when you can do the job with VB6. VB6 is designed to go from idea to design to production for quickly and is easy to learn for the eager novice programmer. As long as Microsoft keeps supporting the core VB6 runtime “msvbvm60.dll” you will have the ability to create powerful little utilities and tools that will help you help the business and your customers to achieve their goals. I am not trying to suggest that VB6 be used in anyway to create brand new enterprise applications or anything along those lines…I am saying use it for one-time use applications and utilities especially for automating tasks.

Next up how the non-programmer can become a guru in the I.T. department so be sure to check back often.

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