Are You Sure…Azure…is right for you?

Microsoft Azure

Today I am going to talk about moving to the cloud and more specifically Microsoft Azure. This is Microsoft’s cloud solution for anyone from small business to large enterprise scaled deployments. The ability to create resources, servers, websites, mail, file storage, Active Directory, and much more at the click of a few buttons is beyond phenomenal. You can build a new virtual server in the Azure cloud by following the built in wizard and your sever can be ready in 15 minutes. This is absolutely amazing isn’t it…hold on so we can create SQL Servers, domain controllers, application severs with the click of a few buttons which sounds pretty amazing. Microsoft handles all of the patching and security for the servers which is fantastic. Now here comes the BUT…the cost!!

The cost for using Microsoft Azure can be affordable or can cost you a small fortune every month depending on what you build. A large majority of companies have over provisioned servers and resources in the cloud becuse of how easy and fast it is…the problem with this is the monthly tab gets pretty hefty. The is more and more companies starting to go the other way and move off of Azure or other cloud based services in favour of locally installed infrastructure. The main contributing factor to this exodus form Azure is the cost. The cost starts to become very high the more you utilize the services, resources and applications Microsoft provides (and there are a lot of them). The problem with companies that jump all-in to the Azure world and now want to get out is the exit cost is more than the cost to get into the cloud…how can this be you are probably saying to yourself right. Well the fact that Microsoft has made it so easy to move your services and infrastructure into the cloud the most people way over provisioned new servers and resources. Now to get out of this Azure setup you have to spend another small fortune building local servers and resources to build the replacement for what you so easily put in the cloud.

So to conclude, one should be a bit skeptical or reluctant about putting all of the critical resources into the cloud (at least not yet). The price is the number one reason I say this but the hope is that the cost starts to go down. Be careful and tread lightly into the cloud…applications like Office 365 are a great fortay into the cloud world but start slowly with your critical infrastructure and applications.

1 thought on “Are You Sure…Azure…is right for you?”

  1. We went to Azure about a year ago and we are already starting to move our services out. The cost became a run-away number and we could never really sort it out. It is a great service for us but the cost got out of hand so we have reverted a large portion out of the cloud.


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